dilluns, 22 d’octubre de 2007

Croniques d,Interrail!

In the middle of my travel with Interrail I just found a computer, in the hostel in Berlin, for explaining some of the rute I have been doing!!

I don,t have many time, even I don,t understand this keyboard.. so I,ll just put here some photos!

I hope you enjoy it!!

First stop - Frankfurt, thursday 18th

Second stop - Stuttgart, friday 19th

Third Stop - Munich, friday

Fourth Stop - Nurnberg, saturday 20th

Fifth Stop - Prague, saturday 20th and sunday

Sixt Stop - Dresden sunday and monday 22th

Seventh Stop - Berlin monday 22th! *and the last stop until now*

The next stops will be... Amsterdam *via Hamburg and Bremen*, Brussels, Bruges, Luxemburg and Paris!!

Properament mes!

Estic be eh!!! heheheheh

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